Linda & Marvin Darter

Alternate Directors

Linda and Marvin Darter on small boat

We both started playing bridge in 1971, and immediately fell in love with it. Marvin and I played all over the country from 1971 until 1987. We won several Regional events, and won the flight A District level Grand National pairs twice (now called the North American Pairs) and proudly represented our District in the Nationals. This was back when the ACBL paid for the whole trip. One of the trips was to Hawaii – and since Marvin was working on his doctorate at the time and money was short, this was the highlight of our bridge careers. We didn’t do well in the National finals, but we sure had a great time!

In 1987, we decided we were becoming too serious about Bridge and were not enjoying the game as much as we should…so we quit! For 18 years!

After we retired, we returned to the game and again enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed. Since returning, we have won several regional events in limited tournament play and represented District 15 in the Flight A North American pairs twice.

I’ve actually discovered that I enjoy directing and teaching at least as much as playing. I get great joy watching people learn and grow with their game, and celebrate with them their successes.

My directing goal is that you, the players, look forward to coming to our game. I carefully enforce the rules…but “kindly.” When I make a ruling, I want to be sure that you understand it.

We are looking forward to becoming a part of your game on your beautiful island. I can’t wait to get started. In fact, if any of you are interested in private lessons over the Summer (1 or 2 tables max), let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.