Jean Seward Retirement

We are so sorry to hear this news about Jean…. We are leaving Wednesday for home but will send an email. We will miss her wit, her bridge knowledge and her great laugh! We have certainly improved in our playing between her lessons and Marietta’s.

Cissy and Tommy Bell

Oh my, we are sad to hear that you will not be teaching bridge next year. It has been a pleasure to be in your class. We have learned so much and your jolly personality and infectious laugh made the whole experience enjoyable.
Best to you Jean and thanks for all the good advice. We will never forget your many little tips – “he who knows goes”! Shame on us if we don’t follow your advice!
Thanks so much.

Penney and A.C. Hubbard (Monday Morning Class)

I’m sick about this news. Jean has been fantastic. I would be honored to attend a lunch for her!!

Elizabeth Woods

Jean has been a wonderful asset to our bridge club and to the advancement of the game of bridge. She’s a welcoming director who encourages all to come to join and enjoy the game. She works diligently to find partners for all who need one. But her greatest gift to all of us is her bridge advice and teaching help. She’s always ready with information about our questions and works from home to answer our emails about our bridge uncertainties.
Jean Seward will be greatly missed!!

RoseMarie Stark

I am so sorry I will not be able to be with you at your special luncheon!  I will be on a plane returning to Chicago.  We have all enjoyed learning from you and appreciate your great sense of humor as we try to implement your lessons!
Thanks so much!  I hope we will still see you at the tables from time to time!

Diane Mayer

When I think of Jean I remember her fabulous sense of humor and her infectious laugh! Thank, Jean, for the great lessons twice a week, and for your inexhaustible patience.

Wendy Kersman

Mary and I are  saddened, shocked and upset that Jean Seward is resigning at the end of this year. Jean has been superb in her administration of the bgdbc bridge program for a number of reasons: she has been knowledgeable, patient,, understanding and cool under pressure in dealing with problems. She will be difficult, and probably impossible, to replace. Sometimes competent leaders are not fully appreciated until after they depart from their job ; I suspect this is such a situation. Jean will be missed.

Mac Seymour

Dear Jean,
You made my time at BGBC special. I know that the group will miss you!
Enjoy your retirement,

Lee Nowoslawski

I am so sad to learn that you are going to retire next year..
We are leaving for home this coming week and I was going to email you anyway to thank you for all the help and encouragement that you gave us in the Monday morning class.   Joyce Howe and I really enjoyed it so much and although it may seem amazing we really did learn a lot – Thanks to you!!!!
Wishing you the very best —  You will be missed
With so much appreciation,

Louise Head

Thank you, Jean, for doing such a wonderful job. It’s been a delight to get to know you, and we will miss you. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Hope we see you in the game (preferably in the other flightJ) from time to time. All the best,

Joan and David Maxwell

My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with you this year.  Now that we’ve caught on to and enjoyed your style of teaching, we are so sorry to lose you—we were looking forward to repeating next year to strengthen your valuable lessons.  You and your assistant joyfully gave your time to coach each table and field questions.  I really appreciated your bridge hands sheets which told how the hand should logically have been bid and played.
You obviously enjoy playing the game and so now have more time, hopefully, to do so.
Yours sincerely,

Joyce Howe

Thank you for all of the years that you ran the game at our BGDBC.
It was a pleasure knowing you and having you run the game. You will be sorely missed. I am so sorry that I have had to miss this year, hope you come back to see everyone next year.

Mary Jo Wilson

Thanks so much for all that you did for us. It was wonderful to have a director that was so organized and on time!!! If you want to come to Toronto, we’d love to have you at any of the clubs here!!!!!

Rosemary McIntosh

I enjoyed Jean very much as a great bridge teacher/director as well as a person of good humor and cheerful personality. She was always friendly, warm hearted, and engaging and knows her bridge! I am so sorry she will not be returning next year.
My warmest best wishes to Jean, and I hope she will return to Boca Grande!!

Edie Holway

I so enjoyed Jean’s lessons this year. I hope that someone else will be reaching next winter. She was so nice to the novice group.

Ann Gallagher

Wanted to let you know how much your teaching skills and passing on your wry sense of humour about bridge has meant to many of us who are growing into the bridge players you want us to be. A very big THANK YOU from

Pattie Leghorn

A big thank you for your time, energy, and heart for Boca Grande Duplicate Bridge Club. Each time(many) you were called to correct one of my boo boos I learned something new about duplicate bridge rules in a kind and supportive manner. Thank you. You will be so missed. Best wishes for your next journey….enjoy!

Ann Treat

Jean, it was truly a pleasure for both Jim and me to be able to learn and play under your patient tutelage this past winter. I will always hear “ now, what did you do that for?  Why aren’t you in game? “  . . .  And your delight and laughter as we  muddled our way through our various  lessons. I feel that we both  made huge leaps this season and look forward to playing at a higher level – thanks to your instruction. 

Susan Hatch

many, many thanks for all your help in establishing the bgdbc. it is so appreciated.


Thank you Jean.
I enjoyed and was fortune it to go to your classes. I learned so much. I will miss you!
I left Boca Grande so I’m not able to go to the luncheon in your honor.
Enjoy your retirement!!

Nell Dana

we all thank her for her excellent teaching and wish her all the very best and we all shall really miss her!!!!!
With gratitude,

Louise Head

A big thank you to Jean for helping me – a nervous English bridge novice – to find my feet playing SAYC – and for encouraging me to start on duplicate (baby this year, who knows next year!).
We will all miss her. All best wishes for a very happy retirement.


what fun it has been getting to know you, you have always been there when any of us has had a problem I’ve enjoyed taking lessons from you playing with you and just getting to know you, good fun in your retirement, please keep in touch, all the best

Jean H